(Q2/2024) ESO Updates: Quarterly Product Enhancements

Posted on July 3, 2024
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Our customers are at the heart of what we do, which is why it’s incredibly important for us to keep you in the loop on the exciting changes to come. Here are a few of the highlights that we delivered in Q2 and a sneak peek of the Product Roadmap for Q3.

EHR | Critical Care

We’ve expanded our Critical Care offering with the following web and Windows mobile additions:

  • Flight Form
  • Lab Values – CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)
  • Ventilator Monitoring Adjustment

However, that’s not all for Critical Care documentation! Be on the lookout for additional enhancements coming soon.




EHR | Manual Ventilation: BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask)

We’re excited to announce the release of a flowchart that allows you to better document manual ventilation (BVM). This flowchart is not exclusive to critical care and is available for EHR Web, Windows Mobile, and printed reports.

MIH | What does your MIH program look like?

Last month we conducted a Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine survey and had some interesting results. It is clear from the chart below that many organizations are working with behavioral health, substance abuse disorders, and readmission prevention. Along with those common services, programs across the country are expanding into other non-traditional out-of-hospital roles.

As Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedic programs continue to evolve and mature, the focus on providers that are traditionally in clinics and other healthcare facilities will become more prevalent.

With this consideration, ESO will continue to partner with EMS agencies as you transform your roles beyond traditional EMS responses. Part of this will include expanding the Electronic Health Record (EHR) beyond the NEMSIS standard to allow for more flexibility in clinical documentation. Also, ESO is developing a Longitudinal Record which will upgrade the episodic nature of an EHR record by linking all related EHR records under a single patient. Get a sneak peek below.


Fire Incidents | NERIS

NFIRS, the current fire incident reporting system is being replaced by NERIS (National Emergency Response Information System) by the end of 2025. On May 6, 2024, version 1 of NERIS core data schema was released, including:

  • Fire Department (Entity) Specification
  • CAD/Dispatch schema
  • Incident schema

Since the upgrade was announced, ESO’s Fire Incidents team has been preparing and planning to ensure your team will be ready for the transition to NERIS. Now that version 1 of the schema is out, development has begun. To learn more about ESO’s plans, check out the most recent NERIS blogpost.

Properties | Data Sharing (Construction Tab)

We’ve recently added a “Same as building” toggle to each section of the Construction tab in the Occupant level of the hierarchy. This toggle allows you to quickly and efficiently populate the Construction tab of the Occupant with the same information from the Building when necessary.

Inspections | Add Suite/Unit/Location to Grid View

We’ve also added a Suite/Unit/Location field to the Occupant Name & Address column under the Inspections grid view, which allows you to easily differentiate between inspections for occupants with the same street address as well as locate the inspection that needs completion.

Scheduling | Rotation Color Coding on Month View

Based on popular demand, scheduling managers can now color code shifts for quick identification of shift rotations when looking at the schedule’s monthly view.

Scheduling | New Decline Option for Open Shifts

Previously, when sending out an open shift notification to a list of employees in a specific order, each employee’s time limit had to expire before the offer would cycle to the next in line. A new “decline” option allows an employee to indicate they’re opting out of accepting the open shift and moves the offer to the next employee expediting the process. The responses are also now logged in the Last Offer Report.

Patient Registry | FHIR Integration

Now officially in the Epic Showroom, the Patient Registry FHIR integration improves your data abstraction efficiency by importing data from the hospital EMR system directly into a patient encounter record in the registry. This is a scalable solution and a recommended standard outlined in the CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization final rule.

Patient Registry | PRQ Dashboards

The first batch of PRQ Dashboards are available. These valuable dashboards support your hospital in its daunting task of preparing for site survey verification and review process, making the process easier.

PM | Insights – General Availability

We’re excited to announce that PM data is now available in Insights for all customers! We received a lot of great feedback while in beta and our teams have worked hard to bring this option to general availability. The biggest change is the real-time availability of PM data in Insights, instead of the nightly load of PM data for Ad Hoc, making your PM data reporting easier and more accurate.

Onboarding Guide | Personnel Management

We have enhanced our self-serve onboarding experience to include Personnel management (PM) configuration. This feature is available for our new customers when setting up their ESO Suite, offering the flexibility to move at their own pace while benefiting from comprehensive guidance and progress tracking. Building on the pre-existing capabilities, which include the setup of key demographic details and data list imports, the product now facilitates the importing of personnel records and other critical PM configurations to optimize ESO Suite.

Cross-Product / ESO Suite | In-App Enhancement Feedback Replies

Last quarter we announced that ESO Suite admins can now submit product feedback and ideas directly to our product teams without needing to contact ESO Support. You can access this feature in the Resource Center of any of our apps by clicking on ‘Feedback – Suggest Enhancements.’

And new this quarter, our ESO Product team will now reply to submissions. By the time you receive an email regarding your feedback’s status, the Product team will have discussed your ideas and made informed decisions on what will have the biggest impact for our customers and our mission. While we cannot commit to every idea that is submitted, when ideas do align with our goals, we’ll keep you updated on the investigation and implementation of your suggestions, as well as the discovery, design and development stages.

Now that our feedback reply process has begun, we are committing to replying to feedback within two weeks of submission.  As we mature this feature, we plan to give users access to all their submissions as well as their triaged status. We really value the time and effort it takes for you to share your ideas and encourage you to continue to submit feedback.

What to expect in Q3/24?

We have even more exciting enhancements in the works for Q3 2024. Here’s a sneak preview of the updates to come, but you’ll want to stay tuned for upcoming release notes and product blogs:

Assets & Checklists | Location Management

Admin can soon deactivate sublocations (or compartments) for a vehicle that is no longer needed, as well as copy the layout of a vehicle’s sublocations to similar vehicles to help expedite setup. This new feature will also copy checklists, so you will no longer need to start from scratch for each vehicle in the fleet.

Insights | Point to Point Sharing of Dashboards

Point-to-Point Sharing will soon be available in Insights. You’ll be able to share dashboard templates outside of your organization. This feature is intended to foster collaboration and enhance your dashboard library. Look for a pop-up guide with more details including directions on enabling this great feature in early July.

Also planned for Q3:


  • Beta release of our new Longitudinal Record feature
  • Releases for Neonatal Assessment and Cardiac Lab Values to better facilitate documentation of Critical Care
  • A new workflow that better supports Wheelchair Transports documentation


  • Continued preparations for NERIS (National Emergency Response Information System)
  • Improvements to our Properties landing page including GIS/Mapping elements
  • Print updates for Inspections
  • Release of our new Properties API

Shared Apps

  • Several Inventory controlled substance reports delivered in Insights
  • A notifications log in Scheduling with audit of employee open shift notifications
  • Multi-column sorting in the Best Fit window when sending out open shift notifications


  • Continued compliance updates for Patient Registry

Cross-Product / ESO Suite

  • Replies to customer feedback submitted through the Resource Center within 2 weeks of submission
  • First release ESO Suite for Canada (Canada Data Center, Login, Admin)
  • Enhancements to Data Exporter Tool – additional filters


Want to see the updates from April 2024? Visit the previous blog here.   

About Product Management at ESO

The Product Management team creates the Product Roadmap, which includes deciding on which products, features, and functionality we build out next. We collaborate daily with support, sales, customer success, our industry experts and executives, and most importantly with our customers and users to find out how we can best advance ESO’s mission of improving community health and safety through the power of data.

Over the past year we have been investing in world class tools to help us capture our user’s product feedback at scale and organize what we are learning to make more informed roadmap decisions. These tools are enabling us to test our ideas quicker so that we can prioritize what we build next with enhanced confidence it will deliver value for our user base. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks as we continue our journey to enhance your experience with ESO products!