West County EMS’ EHR and HDE Software Success Story

Posted on March 13, 2018
Categories: Data & Analytics
Tags: EMS

An overarching goal of many EMS and Firefighting organizations is to continuously improve their quality of patient care and demonstrate value within their communities. One of the best ways to prove this point is through the power of data and West County EMS and Fire Protection District was on a mission to find this enhanced data reporting. They found it in ESO Solutions’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software and Health Data Exchange (HDE).

The goals of West County EMS and Fire Protection District were as follows:

  • Adopt user-friendly software with advanced data mining and reporting capabilities
  • Use data to monitor and improve patient outcomes
  • Complete patient care records with high efficiency and accuracy
  • Save time and money on non-essential tasks
  • Simplify documentation
  • Showcase high value within the community

ESO Solutions turned up in the West County’s teams’ shortlist of companies that offered exactly what they were looking for.

“We knew we needed to get data out of whatever system we purchased so we could actually show the impact we were having in our community,” explains Jeff Sadtler, Chief of EMS and Fire Services, West County EMS and Fire Protection District. “ESO made it to the top of the list because of their analytics capabilities.”

The West County team was pleased with the ease of implementation while setting up the ESO EHR and HDE software as well as the markedly improved ems reporting they got out of it. Other nearby agencies took notice and West County soon became a model to pave the way for enhanced reporting and improved patient outcomes through the power of data.

As the West County team continues to see success, ESO Solutions is proud to help their team better prove their value to the community and improve public health and safety in the process.

To read the full story on the implementation process of ESO’s software as well as the results West County saw after implementation, download the West County EMS and Fire Protection District Case Study today.