ESO Announces Next Generation Asset Management, Inventory and Checklist for Fire and EMS Departments of All Sizes

Software platform is modern and easy to use with built-in integrations to ESO’s broad product ecosystem

April 10, 2023 – AUSTIN, TexasESO, the leading data and software company serving emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments and hospitals today announced ESO Logistics Management, which includes asset management, inventory and checklists. The new Logistics Management is built on decades of fire and EMS service expertise and works for departments of all sizes to track their most important assets, prevent overstocking and expiration of medication, and ensure EMS and Fire agencies run like a well-oiled machine. The three are purpose-built for today’s emergencies and designed to better operationalize all aspects of the Fire and EMS service.

“The new asset management, inventory and checklist applications will come together to make both EMS and Fire departments more modern, intuitive and actionable,” said Allen Johnson, Chief Product Officer at ESO. “Fire and EMS agencies rely on their vehicles being in good working condition to respond to emergencies.  Maintaining accountability over capital assets, including their location, outgoing service and maintenance as well as tracking issues and repairs is essential. Asset Management will help fire and EMS agencies manage all aspects of their capital equipment.”

Key Components of ESO Logistics Management Include:  

  1. Asset Management: 
  • Allows departments to track their most important resources.
  • Improves department accountability by assigning work orders to stay in tune with operational needs.
  • Improves planning, forecasting and budgeting by creating reports that identify the lifetime value and depreciation of assets.
  1. Inventory:
  • Minimizes waste by spending less on supplies and migrating expiring medications to busier locations.
  • Integrates with Bound Tree Medical and ESO EHR to streamline the supply replenishment process.
  • Improves visibility and readiness with real-time inventory levels.
  1. Checklists:
  • Assists in building out new processes from scratch for departments or integrating with old ones.
  • Maintains a reporting model by capturing data to inform decisions.
  • Increases efficiency amongst team members by assigning tasks with access from any device.

“ESO Inventory will also provide full materials management from the point of ordering supplies and medications from supply vendors, to receiving supplies into central distribution, moving supplies to stations and vehicles for use, and insight into inventory levels will ensure all locations are stocked and ready,” added Johnson.

To learn more about ESO Logistics Management, go to this link.


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