ESO Partners With Handtevy

AUSTIN, Texas (November 17, 2016) — ESO Solutions, Inc.Pediatric Emergency Standards Inc., creator of the Handtevy pediatric dosing system, to provide seamless access to pediatric dosing information.

The integration will allow joint customers of the two companies to equip their first responders with pediatric dosing information on-the-fly during high-risk emergency situations, while also populating the patient’s medical record. The information — which can be customized to local pediatric protocols — will be available directly via the ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) user interface, giving emergency medical services (EMS) personnel access to life-saving dosages on scene, both quickly and confidently.

“This is the first time in our field that medics treating pediatric patients will have access like this,” said Chris Dillie, President and CEO of ESO. “Not only does this streamline data across multiple systems, but it also provides real-time verification and documentation that was never available before,” he said.

“Our goal is to make sure those tending to pediatric patients in emergencies can focus on the most important thing – the patient,” said Peter Antevy, MD, founder and Chief Medical Officer or Pediatric Emergency Standards. “We are working diligently with ESO to allow them to do exactly this, while also capturing necessary information across both systems.”

Handtevy is the first-of-its-kind, hybrid age and length-based pediatric dosing system that eliminates medication calculations, increases medication administration accuracy and allows for emergency care delivered on scene.

Dillie announced the partnership to ESO customers and thought leaders from the EMS and hospital fields at WAVE 2016, ESO’s national data conference and user group meeting, in Austin, Texas.