ESO Predicts Key Hospital Trends to Watch in 2020

Focus will be on reimbursement challenges, standardizing data elements, and tighter collaboration between EMS and hospital staff

January 8, 2020 – Austin, Texas – ESO, the leading data and software company serving emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments and hospitals, today shared the trends it predicts will have the biggest impact on hospitals in 2020: Dealing with reimbursement challenges; standardizing around data elements to ensure better patient care; tighter collaboration between EMS agencies and hospital emergency departments; and discrete data interoperability will be the new normal.

Key Hospital Predictions for 2020:

  • Evolution of interoperability to improve delivery of care: In the last few years, the industry has focused on interoperability as a sharing of forms and documents between organizations. We will see much more sophistication around interoperability in 2020, with an emphasis on sharing of discrete data elements – including specific treatment fields and specific types of clinical data – between systems, platforms, and registries (such as trauma registries).
  • Standardization around data elements:

As smart and discrete data continue to play crucial roles across the entire healthcare spectrum, it will be essential for organizations to standardize around data elements to better share information – both internally and with outside partners – to ensure consistency of care. Additionally, standardizing around data elements will help with reimbursement challenges.

  • Stronger cooperation between EMS agencies and hospital emergency departments:

There will be a greater emphasis on integrated and efficient communication between hospital emergency departments and EMS agencies. Not only will hospitals be looking for improved communication to better prepare for incoming patients, but EMS agencies will also be looking for outcome data to improve training. Additionally, as hospitals deal with reimbursement challenges, EMS can partner with hospitals to help them be financially viable and accelerate reimbursements.

  • Hospitals are getting more and more squeezed dealing with reimbursement challenges:

Hospital reimbursement from federal, state and third-party payers continues to decline. This increases pressure on hospitals to reduce expenses and control costs while continuing to improve the care delivered to patients. The costs can be significant.

Download the 2020 Hospital Predictions whitepaper here.

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