Research Projects Powered by ESO Earn Three Prestigious Awards at the Annual Meeting of The National Association of EMS Physicians

Austin, Texas – February, 8 2024 – Research powered by ESO took home three of the six prestigious awards at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) in Austin, Texas.

ESO is a leading provider of software for fire, EMS and hospitals. The ESO Data Collaborative sources information from emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments, hospitals, state, and federal systems, who voluntarily contribute de-identified records for research and benchmarking purposes. In addition to the local data some researchers may use for their projects, data collaborative is made available to researchers across the world, and it’s comprised of data from over 2,000 EMS agencies, fire departments, and hospitals. The collaborative has powered over 130 research projects to date.

“At ESO, we applaud the researchers who pour their energy into crafting compelling, peer-reviewed research that can change our industries,” said Dr. Brent Myers, Chief Medical Officer at ESO.  “By integrating data from hospitals, fire departments and EMS entities nationwide, our research partners are able to drive meaningful advancements such as understanding best practices in airway management that ultimately improve community health and safety.”
Winners of the NAEMSP Research Awards include:

  • Best EMS Professional Research Presentation: Title: Characteristics of 9-1-1 Calls Associated with an Increased Risk of Violence Against Paramedics in a Single ‎Canadian Site. Researcher: Justin Mausz, Ph.D. Advanced Care Paramedic|Researcher Peel Regional Paramedic Services
  • Best Pediatric Research Presentation: Title: EMS Transport of Pediatric Patients Meeting Termination of Resuscitation Criteria. Researcher: William Cebulskie Graduate Medical Science Student|University of Florida, College of Medicine
  • Best Scientific Presentation: Title: Longitudinal Trends in Prehospital Advanced Airway Management in the United States. Researcher:  Henry E. Wang, MD, MS Professor and Vice Chair for Research Department of Emergency Medicine|The Ohio State University

“All three of the above projects have had a direct impact on our industry. We are very proud of our partners who remain dedicated to increasing the evidence base and improving community health and safety,” said Dr. Remle Crowe, Director of Clinical and Operational Research at ESO.

To read the full abstracts of the winning projects, you can submit a request to the ESO research team here.

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ESO (ESO Solutions, Inc.) is dedicated to improving community health and safety through the power of data. Since its founding in 2004, the company continues to pioneer innovative, user-friendly software to meet the changing needs of today’s EMS agencies, fire departments, hospitals, state and federal offices. ESO currently serves thousands of customers throughout North America with a broad software portfolio, including the industry-leading ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR), the next generation ePCR; ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE), the first-of-its-kind healthcare interoperability platform; ESO Fire RMS, the modern fire Record Management System; ESO Patient Registry (trauma, burn and stroke registry software); and ESO State Repository. ESO is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information,

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