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2020 ESO EMS Index: COVID-19 Special Edition

COVID-19 insights and best practices for EMS agencies

In place of our Mid-Year Index, we’ve put together this COVID-19 Special Edition. The COVID-19 Special Edition Index focuses on 911 calls, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage, and other metrics related specifically to COVID-19.  

The data provided in this Index stems from the ESO Data Collaborative, representing approximately 2,000 agencies and departments across the country and more than 4.1 million 911 calls between January 1, 2020 – July 31, 2020. 

The purpose of this Index is to help agencies ask and investigate the following questions using their own data: 

    • Is my organization’s experience similar to other organizations around the country when it comes to 911 calls and COVID-19?  
    • Are we tracking and documenting PPE usage?  
    • If so, what is our rate of reuse for PPE?   
    • Are we properly documenting key vital signs, including body temperature and oxygen saturation?  
    • What learnings can we take from the initial surge that can help us prepare for potential future surges?  

Read the COVID-19 Special Edition Index for analysis of 911 calls, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage, and other metrics related specifically to COVID-19. Access the Index here or, to have it delivered to your inbox, complete the form. 

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