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ESO Electronic Health Record Demo Webinar

Quickly and efficiently document patient encounters

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) helps EMS crews produce quality clinical documentation for clean data capturing. Take a closer look at the benefits of ESO EHR by watching our “EHR Demo Webinar” recording. You’ll learn how the following features in EHR can help your agency:   

  • Built-in Analytics and reporting  
  • NEMSIS 3.3.4 compliant  
  • Built-in Specialty forms for reference guides 
  • Easy to use interface  

Don’t believe the hype? Take a look for yourself. 

About the Speaker: Sean McLeod 

Before joining ESO over five years ago, Sean McLeod worked as a Medical Technician in the southern California area. He now serves as a Subject Matter Expert or SME on our ESO Electronic Health Record product at ESO. 

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