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2024 ESO EMS Index

Insights and Best Practices for EMS Agencies

Inequities in healthcare are well-documented and prevalent throughout history. In order to combat them, we first need to recognize where they exist, and data is a powerful tool in doing just that.

Now, in its fifth year, the 2024 ESO EMS Index looks at data from over 12 million incidents nationwide from January 1-December 31, 2023. With the insights gleaned from this Index, the ESO research team hopes to give agencies benchmarks for refining their strategies towards improving patient outcomes in these areas.

The 2024 ESO EMS Index helps answer questions such as:

    • What best practices can my organization implement to measure and address disparities in analgesic administration?
    • Is my organization on par with other organizations in offering full stroke bundles?
    • Are we properly monitoring and assessing patients who receive intramuscular sedation?
    • Are we on par with the national average when it comes to ambulance patient offload times?
    • What is our community’s rate of bystander CPR and could we offer public health outreach?
    • Does my organization encourage EMS clinicians to report critical incidents?
    • How do we compare to our peers in our opioid overdose response?
    • What are the best practices for each metric and how do I ensure my organization follows them?

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