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Enabling Faster EMS Turnaround and Improved Patient Handoff

Emergency departments are complex institutions with multiple working parts. Everyone within the department has a unique and vital role to play in ensuring patients receive appropriate care. One of the most critical relationships within a hospital emergency department is that between EMS and ED staff.

Without strong coordination and communication, emergency departments can miss important information needed to respond to patient conditions. To overcome these challenges, Indian River Medical Center in Florida leveraged ESO Alerting. The software allowed providers to streamline the process for incoming ambulance crews through the ability to pre-register patients.

Indian River Medical Center found these benefits using ESO Alerting:

  • Identifying high-need/speciality patient cases
  • Activating specialty teams
  • Digitizing patient care records
  • Tracking of patients and key staff via GPS functionality
  • And more!


To read more about how ESO Alerting helped Indian River Medical Center and the benefits your agency could experience, download Enabling Faster EMS Turnaround and Improved Patient Handoff in Critical Patient Cases today.

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