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How Rady Children’s Hospital uses the ESO Patient Registry

Watch the video to hear how ESO Patient Registry enhances patient care for Rady Children’s Hospital.


Matt Derkrikorian, a Trauma Program Manager at Rady Children’s Hospital, shares his insights on Rady’s journey with TraumaOne and ESO Patient Registry and how it’s shaping a new era in healthcare efficiency.

Revolutionizing patient outcomes is at the core of ESO Patient Registry – our advanced tool for healthcare organizations. By allowing simplified collaboration between the prehospital, in-hospital, and post-acute care environments, hospitals can leverage actionable insights, develop a research-driven approach, and more – all while improving patient outcomes.

Watch the video to learn how these data-driven solutions are redefining patient care allowing hospitals like Rady Children’s to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and automate manual tasks. You can also learn more about ESO Patient Registry here.