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2023 ESO Trauma Index

Insights and Best Practices for Hospitals and Trauma Centers

Want to see how your organization stacks up to the national average when it comes to patient care?

The 2023 Trauma Index was designed to be a point of reference for both hospital and trauma centers who want to identify where they align with other organizations throughout the U.S. and where they can improve.

The Trauma Index uses ESO data compiled from nearly 596 participating organizations and represents 968,538 patient records from January 1 through December 31, 2022.

Use it as a guide to help your own data answer questions such as:

  • Should we evaluate how we use whole blood versus packed red blood cells for traumatic injuries?
  • Are we administering antibiotics early enough to reduce infections and complications when treating open long bone fractures?
  • Are we moving geriatric patients with hip fractures to the OR quickly enough or do we need to reevaluate our practices?
  • What do different values of systolic blood pressure and shock index indicate in penetrating trauma victims?
  • How effectively are we at mitigating and reducing common hospital events (such as unplanned admission to the ICU and delirium) compared to national data?
  • When it comes to the Injury Severity Score, how do our mortality rates align with the national average?

Read the 2023 Trauma Index here

Webinar: Data Insights for Trauma Systems

Join us for the ESO Data Café webinar series, where our industry experts will take a close look at each metric in the 2023 ESO Trauma Index and serve up insights that empower you to get the most out of your trauma registry software. Plus, you can earn nursing and registry-specific continuing education contact hours! See full details on the ESO Data Café registration page.

Webinars are scheduled on the third Thursday of every month from 12-1 p.m. CT.

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