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Identifying Sepsis in the Prehospital Setting

Four Strategies EMS Teams Can Use to Improve Sepsis Detection

With more than 50% of sepsis cases transported by first responders, the time to get prehospital care right is now. Early diagnosis is the key to a successful patient outcome, but only 61% of EMS practitioners are well versed in sepsis symptoms.  

To aid in spreading awareness on sepsis treatment and documentation, ESO has compiled vital recommendations on assessing and treating sepsis in a prehospital setting. You will find the following topics helpful for continued education on sepsis:  

  • Know the Common Signs of Sepsis  
  • Use Cost-Effective Tools for Diagnosis  
  • Give the ED Advanced Warning  
  • Be a Vocal Advocate for Your Patient 


To learn more about how ESO can help EMS teams improve sepsis care in the prehospital setting, download the white paper today. 

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