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Intro to ESO Scheduling Recording

Discover how to save time and simplify shift management with ESO Scheduling

ESO Scheduling goes way beyond filling open shifts. Take a deeper dive into automated scheduling and all that it offers by watching our “Intro to ESO Scheduling” webinar recording. You’ll learn how Scheduling makes processes reliable and easy to navigate for management and employees.

ESO Scheduling’s features benefit your agency, including:  

  • Simplify scheduling processes
  • Reduce unexpected overtime costs with built-in reporting
  • Improve communication between employees and management
  • Timekeeping, payroll, and more with ESO Scheduling Plus

Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself!  

screenshot of the ESO Scheduling Dashboard

About the Speaker: Steven Turner

Steven has more than 14 years of experience in training, supporting, and consulting with EMS and fire agencies regarding workflow in the areas of scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll. He started as a technical writer at eCore in 2005 and led the eCore team in recent years as Executive Vice President. He is now Senior Director of Scheduling at ESO.

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