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Liberty Fire Department Saves Time and Leverages Data

How ESO Software Made it Possible

Fire departments and EMS agencies can use data to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities that can enable efficiencies, improvements, and developments in public safety and patient care. However, many agencies, like Liberty Fire Department, struggle to use their technology to make timely and data-driven decisions.

Liberty Fire Chief Mike Snider and his team decided enough was enough – it was time for their software to empower them, not be a roadblock. After a careful hands-on selection process, the department chose several ESO products, including ESO Fire Incidents for NFIRS reporting, to power their transition to a data-driven department.

Now Liberty Fire is able to use their data to:

  • Analyze performance
  • Create department-specific benchmarks
  • Measure changes in performance
  • Communicate effectively with city leaders

Chief Snider is also looking forward to adjusting training programs based on their newly available reporting. To learn more about Liberty Fire’s use of data and how your department can take a similar approach, read their full case study today.