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EMS Quality Improvement Summer School

Led by Drs. Remle Crowe and Scott Bourn

Get your quality improvement project up and running with QI Summer School! Hosted by Drs. Remle Crowe and Scott Bourn, QI Summer School breaks down the science of improvement over four, easy-to-follow sessions with practical instruction for application. From how to choose an Aim statement suitable for a QI project to Zeroing in on the right change for implementation, this series of mini-classes has you covered from A to Z. Watch all four sessions on-demand today.


Session 1: Ready, Set, Aim

In partnership with EMS World

You know things need improving, but where to start? In this session, we’ll start off with a look at the overall framework that will serve as our roadmap on this improvement journey. Then, we’ll get specific about how to create practical aims and avoid pitfalls. We’ll show how national reports and other tools can be leveraged in the development of a strong aim. The recording of this session is available here.


Session 2: For Good Measure

How will you know if a change you make results in improvement? Designing a family of measures that matter is key. In this session, you’ll learn how to identify the right measures for determining success and how to create a plan to make data collection part of the process. Looking at data over time is much like reading an ECG strip, some ups and downs are normal, while others aren’t. We’ll discuss plotting baseline data and introduce how to distinguish common cause variation from special cause variation. Complete the form to watch this webinar.


Session 3: Einstein-Level Theories of Change

In this session, learn methods for developing specific ideas for changes that can be tested. We’ll explore the use of visual tools like driver diagrams to help you think critically about the systems and processes effecting your outcome. After brainstorming a list of theories, we’ll talk about how to decide which idea will likely result in meaningful change. Spoiler alert… memos are not the answer! Complete the form to watch this webinar.


Session 4: Fast & Furious

You’ve established your aim, developed your measures, and generated good theories – now it is time to put these ideas to the test… wait make that plural, tests! Rather than spend a ton of time and money on a change that might not work as well as intended, in this final session of QI Summer School, we’ll teach you how to perform small, rapid tests of change using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PSDA) cycles and how to scale up to implementation once the right change has been found. Complete the form to watch this webinar.

Dr. Brent Myers is providing the medical oversight for these sessions.

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