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Software Spotlight – ESO HDE for EMS

ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE) provides true bidirectional data sharing. The EMS record flows directly into the hospital EHR/EMR, and hospital clinical outcome information is available to EMS in real-time. Data is shared back into a secure outcome portal, so you can easily review and compare assessments and access follow up billing information, saving your team time and money. 

  • Save Time and Money: HDE lets you send ePCR data directly into the hospital EHR or EMR, ensuring you no longer have to wait to print or receive faxes at the ED to transfer information. 
  • Activate QA/QI: HDE allows quality managers to bring together EMS and hospital performance data making it easier than ever to do system quality improvement – and study the entire care continuum. 
  • Develop System Improvements: Compare primary impressions with hospital diagnosis to understand where protocols need to change and update. 


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