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The EMS Revolution

Presented in partnership with JEMS

In 1776, scrappy American colonists challenged the British government and the world was never the same. In 2018, two new research studies are challenging EMS operations and it’s likely that once again, the world will never be the same.

Developed in partnership with JEMS and led by Drs. Brent Myers, Scott Bourn and Remle Crowe, “The EMS Revolution” recorded webinar examines the recent uprisings in stroke care and spinal motion restriction. To watch the webinar, complete the form on this page.

The EMS Revolution Webinar Outline

  • Confirmation bias in EMS
  • Over reliance on tradition
  • Role of individual clinicians in change
  • Role of the agency in change
  • Acute stroke care
    • AHA/ASA Guideline
    • EMS recommendation
    • Secondary prevention recommendations
  • Spinal motion restriction
    • Burden of proof
    • Official Journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians
    • Spinal Motion Restriction in the Trauma Patient – A Joint Position Paper
  • So what should we do?
    • Stay up to date with the evidence
    • Get buy-in from those involved
    • Track your progress and performance
    • Document and share best practices
  • Questions and answers

To learn more, watch the recording today.

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