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ESO and FireRescue1’s Virtual Roundtable

Collecting the facts about fire byproduct exposure, mental health concerns & risks

Despite the size, location, staff makeup, call volume and leadership style, fire departments need to understand the importance of collecting and reporting fire byproduct exposure and decontamination, possible mental health triggers and actions to take to mitigate risks and hazards. The information that can be collected allows departments to use that reported data to improve the organization’s safety and services. In this roundtable, you will learn:

    • Why reporting and collecting this information matters to your organization and your firefighters.
    • How to use this data to help reduce impacts from the most significant issues facing firefighters today.
    • What actions you can take and why.

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Meet the Speakers

Chief Bill Gardner (Ret.), Senior Director, Fire Products, ESO 

Bill Gardner, Senior Director of Fire Products at ESO Chief Gardner has more than 35 years of Fire and EMS experience. Most recently, he was the Chief of the Leander Fire Department, retiring in February 2019 and holding that role since 2010. He was instrumental in helping the fire department grow and scale in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Chief Gardner has worked in various sized agencies from all volunteer to metro-size departments and has numerous recognitions for his service at the local, state and national levels.

He holds Master Fire Firefighter Certification, Investigators Certification, Instructor Certifications, CFO and CFE and served as the President of the Texas State Firefighters and Fire Marshals’ Association. Gardner currently serves as a Senior Advisor for Leander Fire Department, an instructor and Advisory Board Member to TEEX Annual School Programs and an instructor in Chief Development Program, presenting at numerous state and national conferences. He also holds several degrees and certifications in fire administration, fire technology, EMS and emergency management from a variety of organizations, including Texas Tech University, the Center for Public Safety Excellence and the National Fire Academy.


Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, President and CEO, International Public Safety Data Institute 

Dr-Lori-Moore-Merrell Dr. Moore-Merrell is the President and CEO of the IPSDI, assisting local public safety agencies in their efforts to use their data to show response capability, reliability and operational performance. Moore-Merrell began this role in 2019 after serving 26 years as a senior executive in the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). An expert in executive leadership, emergency response system evaluation, public safety resource deployment, community risk assessment, data collection and analysis, strategic planning, costs and benefits analysis, advocacy, consensus building, policy development and implementation and generational differences in the workplace, Moore-Merrell advises elected officials, as well as chief executives at the national level and in local metropolitan jurisdictions.

She was recently awarded Honorary Membership in the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association for her expertise in areas of Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, or other related disciplines. Lori is only the 4th individual to be presented this honor in the 54-year history of the organization and has received numerous awards of distinction.

Previously as principal investigator and senior project manager on federal projects, Moore-Merrell has led production of landmark reports and other tools to improve Residential and High-Rise Fireground Operations, Community Risk Assessment, Fire and EMS Resource Deployment and Big Data Analytics.

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