ESO Asset Management

Achieve a higher level of readiness, maintain compliance, and keep your team aligned with asset management software designed for the 21st century

Fire and EMS Asset Management Software

Keep track of your agency’s most important assets, inventory, and consumable items with ESO Asset Management. It’s no secret that better resource management leads to higher levels of equipment readiness and operational availability, which is why you need a modern tool to track all of your agency’s key resources.

Easily Locate Your Most Important Assets

Scan an unlimited number of items into the system from your mobile device and track them from your computer, phone, or tablet. With Asset Management, you can track all of the information you need—including status, maintenance records, activity, quantity, and profile—using one of our recommended templates or by configuring your own. You can even add attachments, such as images and PDFs, so your records can be as detailed as possible. The tool’s notification system lets you know which asset needs to be repaired or replaced when there’s a problem. 

User-Friendly Reporting

Our powerful data storage and robust reporting help you maintain assets agency-wide, allowing you to stay in compliance and keep costs down. 

Flexible User Management

You need your software to adapt to the ever-changing structure of your organization for years to come. Configurable user management lets you tailor roles and permissions so team members see just the information that is relevant to them. And what’s better, ESO Asset Management allows for an unlimited number of team members at no additional cost. 

Data Anywhere, Anytime

ESO Asset Management is a cloud-based solution meaning you can access the data from any internet-connected device at any time that’s convenient for you. At the station, from your office or during a city council meeting – yes, yes, and yes. 

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