Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) makes it easy to produce quality EMS clinical documentation. Yet it's so advanced, it actually gives you back more data than you put in. Say goodbye to your old ePCR. And say hello to ESO EHR.

Software That's State of the Art. Always.

At ESO, we understand EMS like nobody else. We’re more than a vendor — we’re a partner that’s helping move the EMS profession forward. That’s why we designed EHR the way we did: It’s web-based, so you’ll get access to new features on an ongoing basis…and no upgrades to pay for. Ever.

“EHR is a testament to how well ESO understands EMS. The design lets our medics quickly and efficiently document a patient encounter with minimal training.” WADE BREDEMEIER, CAPTAIN UTE PASS REGIONAL AMBULANCE DISTRICT, CO

Make Better Treatment Decisions. Right at the Patient's Side.

EHR is more than a documentation tool — it’s a reference tool that helps you make better patient-care decisions in real time.

  • Patient Lookup. View patients’ medications, allergies, history and other critical data from past encounters.
  • Specialty Patient Forms. Drive clinically sound care for cardiac arrest, stroke, STEMI, OB and many other patient types — and the list is growing. Specialty Patient Forms let you use EHR as a valuable reference tool.
  • Handtevy Integration. Access Handtevy pediatric dosage and equipment information directly via the EHR user interface. This first-of-its kind integration eliminates the need to do math and provides real-time verification and documentation.

Be the Smartest Person in the Room. Any Room.

EHR arms EMS chiefs, quality officers and administrators with the most useful tool of all: data. Information isn’t just easy to put in; it’s easy to get out. So when H1N1 struck, during meetings with public health officials, it was ESO customers who had the most comprehensive data, thanks to our H1N1 screening tool and easy-to-use Analytics capabilities.

So Easy to Use, It’s Almost Fun.

EHR is the result of extensive research on how to make an EMS software tool easier to use. So buttons are placed so you can hold that tablet like a steering wheel and operate the buttons with your thumbs. It’s so natural-feeling and easy to use, it’s almost like playing a video game (little surprise, because it was designed to be operated like one).

Awards & Certifications

“The only patient care reporting system that works from patient bedside to billing [and] has given us better quality of data and better time management.” ROBERT BALLARD, CAPTAIN WYLIE FIRE DEPARTMENT, TX

Worry Free.

Never again worry about losing data or delaying payments — ESO handles the interfaces with billing and states. So you’ll always have peace of mind.

Break Through the Language Barrier.

EHR’s QuickSpeak allows medics to determine a patient’s problem and explain treatments through a series of over 400 closed-ended questions divided into 20 categories of assessment and treatment — regardless of the patient’s spoken language.

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