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ESO Wave 2024

Call for Abstracts
Deadline Monday, January 15, 2024 (11:59 PM CT)

Submit Here

General Information

ESO is calling for research and quality improvement abstracts to be presented at the 2024 WAVE conference in Austin, Texas (April 2-5). We invite you to submit original work involving EMS research or quality improvement initiatives to the EMS community. A broad range of projects will be considered. Presentations will be in the form of a poster session during the conference. The top 5 abstracts will be selected for a podium presentation.

Abstracts will be reviewed for scientific merit and relevance in a blinded fashion by members of the Research Leadership Group. You may submit an abstract previously presented in the last 12 months.


Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Electronic Submission Rules

Maximum word count 350 words – does not include title or author names.

The abstract should include the following elements:

Research Abstract

  • Background: brief introduction/background information to establish research gap/importance.
  • Objective: clear statement of purpose of the project with primary outcome.
  • Methods: description of the scientific methods employed including study design, setting, participants, inclusion/exclusion criteria, interventions, outcomes and measures, and analysis.
  • Results: summary of results to address the research question with effect size estimates and measure of variation (e.g., standard deviation, interquartile range, 95% confidence intervals)
  • Conclusions: statement of conclusions reached supported by the results reported and implications of the work.

No mention of institutional review board or other ethical approval is needed in the abstract, as authors attest to this during the online submission process.

Quality Improvement Abstract

  • Background/setting: describe context of where the project took place.
  • Aim statement: describe what measurable change was sought over what period of time.
  • Measures: primary outcome measure evaluated and how it was obtained
  • Tests of change: what changes were made to result in improvement in the targeted process/outcome.
  • Results: describe the data observed during the project.
  • Lessons learned: a short summary of the lessons learned form the work and/or message for the readers


Submit Here. Notification of abstract acceptance will be announced February 2024.