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The effects of inflation resonate throughout the entire healthcare industry as demand for high quality care surges and budgets tighten. In order to maneuver this predicament, many hospitals are turning to insights gained from collective industry data. The 2024 Hospital Trend Report dives deeper into this shared data and how it is anticipated to impact patient care throughout this next year.

So, what technologies, trends, and innovations can you anticipate in 2024?

Getting Creative in Combatting Economic Challenges

Investing In Better Understanding At-Risk Community Challenges

Optimizing Partnerships, Care, and Value Through New Technology

Driving Change through Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

ESO Trends Hospital Index 450x280

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Looking for even more data? Download the 2023 ESO Trauma Index – the ultimate point of reference for hospital and trauma centers who want to identify where they align with other organizations throughout the U.S. and where they can improve.

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