Pre-Planning 101: How to Build a Solid Pre-Plans Program

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When it comes to building out your property pre-planning program, it should come as no surprise that you need to make a plan of attack for launching your program before you even start that actual pre-planning process. What does that mean for you? To build an efficient pre-planning program you need the right people and processes, as well as a commitment to staying on top of new developments in the field. If you want to know what looks like in practice, read on.

Building the Right Team

Assembling the right team is key to getting any new or revamped program off the ground. Having the right people on your pre-plans team ensures that you have the necessary buy-in from your department, as it enables you to implement the right processes and systems without too much pushback.

How do you identify the right people? First, look to the fire marshals from your inspections division and then round out your team with company leaders and field firefighters, as well. In doing so, you’ll show the company as a whole the value of your pre-planning program and your commitment to the program’s success.

Developing Processes and Procedures

Now that you have the right team in place, it’s time to further develop your program by establishing the appropriate processes and procedures. Policies you should establish relate to frequency of inspections, the data you want to collect, and jurisdiction.

Remember you should show, not tell when training your team on new tools. Hands-on training goes a long way to help users feel more confident using pre-planning software. The more comfortable your team feels using these tools, the more likely they are to adopt new processes and procedures.

Always Look for Ways to Improve

Once your program is up and running, you and your team must always review your processes and procedures to ensure your program is running as efficiently as possible. You can do this by providing ways for your staff to give open and honest feedback. Additionally, it’s important that you stay on top of any departmental changes or updates that can impact your program.

You should also keep in mind that others may be experiencing the same issues or have the same concerns as you. Connect with other agencies that serve areas similar to yours to see what has and has not worked for them. It’s likely that they have experienced the same issues as you and might be able to offer insight into how to combat these problems.

Property Pre-Planning Keeps Your Community Safe

Finding the best people to run your pre-plans program—as well as implementing and re-evaluating your processes and procedures—can help you rest easy knowing that your agency’s pre-planning program gives you the information you need to keep personnel and community safe during an emergency.

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