Improving Large Scale Fire Operations with a Full Fire RMS

  • Posted on May 26, 2020

Larger departments face challenges ranging from training the newest individual, all the way up to managing change in leadership. A single, cloud-based work environment not only brings a new team member up-to-speed more quickly, it also helps ensure that overall reporting and operations are more efficient in today’s data-driven environment.

Why It’s Necessary to Update Your Fire Department’s Records Management System

Like in many other industries, software has become an integral part of efficiently running a fire department’s daily operations. Not only can a fire record management system (RMS) help you easily record, store, and review your fire incident data, but a wide range of additional features can help you manage daily station and personnel operations. Fire RMS tools can offer you automatic data collection for reporting requirements like NFRIS, store and update records for property preplanning, and find small and large ways to improve your emergency medical service.

RMS tools can help you make the most of your department data and give you real insight into how to improve safety, operations, and incident response for a safer and more efficient department and community.

Easier Onboarding and Personnel Management

A key component of an efficient department is properly handling critical information for your first responders. From managing shifts to tracking training hours and vaccinations, ensuring your entire crew is staying in compliance – personnel management can represent hours of your time. Take the pain out of managing the paperwork by leveraging Emergency Personnel Management Software. Fully compatible with EHR, this easy-to-use application helps track all your necessary HR documentation, offering you insight into staffing needs and keeping everyone in compliance.

Additionally, the ESO Fire Activities software helps tear down communication barriers between shifts, offering digital pass down logs that are sharable, reportable, and provide a historical perspective of your department’s activities. Tracking, assigning, scheduling, and reporting day-to-day tasks have never been easier. ESO Activities helps you track non-response related activities to record CRR programs, trend community impact, write powerful grants, and more.

Streamline Fire Records Management

Data can be a powerful tool in your hands when it comes to managing your fire department. But with so much data coming in, you run the risk of being overwhelmed by the “data deluge.” How can you harness all the data available to you and turn it into actionable decisions that benefit your department and community?

Once again, the answer is easy-to-use software. You don’t need a Ph.D. to understand the metrics for your fire department; fire analytics software can complete the heavy lifting in processing and creating easily understood reports. With a better user interface, you can easily monitor performance, uncover gaps, and make operational decisions based on what you learn from the data you collect.

Additionally, software tools can make it easier to stay on top of your full system of resources and improve your response readiness. Simplify and optimize your daily inspections – and know exactly where you stand for budget planning – with easy-to-use asset management software. Similarly, you can keep your hydrants network operative and running smoothly with hydrants software that records system information, tracks maintenance, and easily provides data for ISO requirements.

You can significantly improve your team’s situational awareness during incident response by maintaining an updated library of property inspections and preplans. Streamlined fire inspection software not only helps ensure your community inspections are more complete and informative but allow these records to be securely stored and accessed by your team in the field or during a response. By having records and other information at hand, you’ll improve your team and your community’s safety and increase the chance for positive outcomes.

The Next Generation in Fire Records Management Systems

Data will continue to play a key role in modern fire department operations for the foreseeable future, and with the right tools, you can really make your department’s data work for you. Today’s modern fire RMS software better prepares fire departments to not only handle numerous reporting requirements but improves their operational efficiencies, responder training and well-being, and overall community safety. Software reduces the time spent in manual data entry and number-crunching, allows you to instead focus on the big picture, and make decisions supported by accurate, updated information.

Select your next fire RMS solution with confidence by evaluating the right criteria and asking the tough questions, using our Fire RMS Buyer’s Guide.