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4 Types of Data Every Fire Department Should Be Collecting

posted on Jun 02, 2020 Best Practices

Today’s fire industry continues to evolve to better incorporate a wide range of data available from both incident response and department operations. Going beyond the reactive mode of simply responding…

Software Spotlight – ESO Activities for EMS

posted on May 29, 2020 Data & Analytics

ESO Activities helps you tell the story of how your agency spends its time on community events and operational tasks. From documenting fundraising to school visits and everything in between,…

Better Care & Easier Reporting with EMS & Fire Software

posted on May 27, 2020 Best Practices

Gone are the days of recording patient feedback with paper and pencil, and spending hours compiling reports from different systems. Integrated software – designed to address the numerous inputs from…

Better Patient Care with ESO Alerting & HDE

posted on May 26, 2020 Data & Analytics

Reduce barriers of communication between prehospital and hospital care with tools that deliver valuable patient data in real time, from the scene. Seamless and bidirectional sharing of patient information not…

Creating Quality Improvement in Your EMS Agency

posted on May 26, 2020 Best Practices

Having access to high-quality data is imperative to creating effective quality improvement projects. See how ESO tools simplify your data gathering and allow you to focus on the changes you…

What Firefighters Want from Technology

posted on May 20, 2020 Best Practices

A recent study of the global fire service is indicating that agencies across the world are experiencing a paradigm shift in not only how they are currently use data, but…

Fire Data: Making the Connection from Output to Outcome

posted on May 15, 2020 Best Practices

Datapoints and metrics continue to play an important role in the day-to-day function of fire agencies. Outputs are Useful and Important With numerous reporting requirements at national and state levels,…

2020 ESO Fire Service Index

posted on May 13, 2020 Data & Analytics

The purpose of this 2020 ESO Fire Service Index is to serve as a point of reference for fire departments to identify which areas are in alignment and which areas represent…

Don’t Miss: FEMA Funds for Hiring, Retaining Firefighters

posted on Apr 24, 2020 Best Practices

While the world continues to focus on the fight against COVID-19, other fire emergencies don’t necessarily stop. Firefighters around the U.S. are stilled called out to fight structure fires, assist…

Two New Grants Help Fire Agencies Amid the COVID-19 Battle

posted on Apr 23, 2020 Best Practices

EMS agencies and first responders continue to fight COVID-19 on the frontlines in a health emergency unprecedented in recent history. And while health care professionals face the most immediate risks…

2020 ESO EMS Index

posted on Feb 13, 2020 Data & Analytics

Understand the big-picture performance of EMS agencies across the United States as outlined in the 2020 ESO EMS Index. The index uses ESO data from more than 1,360 agencies and…

Feature Highlight: Cancer Exposure & Decontamination Fields

posted on Feb 10, 2020 Data & Analytics

ESO’s mission to improve community health and safety through the power of data is the driving force on this feature. The addition of cancer exposure and decontamination fields to ESO Incidents allows for firefighters to track cancer exposures to…

Wave 2020 Sneak Peek: ‘Data Drives Interoperability’

posted on Jan 01, 2020 Best Practices

Data plays a huge role in ensuring your pre-hospital care and emergency department is running efficiently and effectively. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re making the most of your data,…

Wave 2020 Session Sneak Peek: ‘Data Drives EMS’

posted on Dec 31, 2019 Best Practices

The countdown to Wave 2020 – the premier conference for data and technology in EMS, fire, and hospitals – is on, and we’re sharing some of the can’t-miss topics making…

2019 Fire Trends: Most Common Property Types in Fire Calls

posted on Dec 30, 2019 Best Practices

Over the course of a year or several months, you may have a general idea of the most common types of calls your fire department encounters. You may find yourself…

Overdose in 2019: Trends and Treatment | On-Demand Webinar

posted on Dec 20, 2019 Data & Analytics

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 130+ people die every day from opioid-related drug overdoses. This opioid epidemic is widespread and multifaceted. To aid…

Become a Product Pro with ESO’s 2-Day Training Academy

posted on Dec 20, 2019 Best Practices

If you’re planning a trip to Austin this year to attend the ESO Wave Conference – the leading EMS, fire, and hospital industry event focusing on using data for improved…

ESO Scheduling Webinar On-Demand

posted on Nov 18, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO scheduling makes scheduling processes easy and intuitive. Take a closer look at the benefits of ESO Scheduling by watching our “ESO Scheduling Demo Webinar” on-demand. You’ll learn how our…

Improve Clinical Documentation with ESO EHR

posted on Nov 04, 2019 Data & Analytics

 ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) helps EMS crews improve clinical documentation. Take a closer look into the benefits of ESO EHR by watching our “EHR Demo Webinar” recording. You’ll learn how the…

2019 ESO Fire Trends Report

posted on Oct 11, 2019 Best Practices

In the fire service, data and the analysis of it have the potential to reduce community risk, improve responder safety, and, ultimately, transform fire departments. That’s why we want to…

Feature Highlight: ESO EHR Sepsis Screening Form

posted on Sep 26, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) offers Sepsis Screening Forms to aid EMS practitioners in the early identification of sepsis.

‘DOCUMENT’ to Improve Run Reports for Your EMS Agency

posted on Sep 25, 2019 Best Practices

Accurate documentation for EMS agencies is key to success both in the field, and in the office. Not only does it improve patient outcomes, it also provides accurate claims processing,…

Females, Minority Groups Remain Underrepresented in EMS

posted on Sep 23, 2019 Best Practices

Talk of “workplace diversity” is nothing new across many industries. But when it comes to healthcare, creating a workforce that reflects the communities being served can help reduce some very…

Overdose in 2019: Trends and Treatment

posted on Sep 04, 2019 Best Practices

To aid EMS agencies and first responders in serving their communities, watch Drs. Brent Myers and Remle Crowe as they present analysis of more than 30,000 EMS overdose records created in the past 18 months. 

Software Spotlight: ESO Asset Management

posted on Sep 03, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO Asset Management promotes better equipment preparedness for EMS agencies and fire departments through intuitive documentation and informative dashboards.

Software Spotlight: ESO Checklists

posted on Sep 03, 2019 Data & Analytics

Kick your paper checklists to the curb. With ESO Checklists your agency can go digital, streamlining workflows and saving time.

EMS Updates: While Overdoses Fall, Opioids Rates Increase

posted on Aug 26, 2019 Best Practices

ESO recently released a mid-year update to its extensive nationwide 2019 EMS Index report, adding to the original 7.8 million patient records an additional 3.8 records gathered in the first…

Why First Responders Face Increased Risk for PTSD, Suicide

posted on Aug 23, 2019 Best Practices

For most Americans, a typical day at the office comes with the usual ups and downs, some stress, difficult clients, perhaps some inner-office politics. For first responders, on the other…

Industry Insight: EMS Rates of Complete Stroke Assessments

posted on Aug 23, 2019 Best Practices

At the end of 2018, ESO released its second annual EMS Index, an in-depth report covering key data points and trends in the EMS industry, based on more than 7.58…

New Updates: 2019 EMS Industry Index Mid-Year Data

posted on Aug 20, 2019 Best Practices

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date data on the EMS industry’s top pressing issues, you don’t want to miss the mid-year update to ESO’s in-depth EMS industry index. At…

Software Spotlight: ESO Quality Management

posted on Aug 16, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO Quality Management offers clinical and billing reviewers the tools needed to share feedback, perform quality checks and improve education among staff. Discover the benefits of this built-in module within…

4 Reasons Why Your EMS Data is Important to NEMSIS

posted on Aug 07, 2019 Best Practices

If you are a part of an EMS agency in any U.S. state – or the majority of U.S. territories – you undoubtedly are aware of the efforts of the…

Feature Highlight: ESO Fire Critical Incident Fields

posted on Aug 06, 2019 Data & Analytics

Critical incidents have a direct correlation to firefighters experiencing traumatic stress. ESO Fire’s Critical Incident fields give you the insight to help identify, intervene, and prevent symptoms and behaviors of PTSD from occurring.

ESO EHR: The Modern ePCR for EMS

posted on Jul 31, 2019 Data & Analytics

When electronic patient care records (ePCRs) first arrived on the scene, they were essentially electronic versions of old paper forms used by EMS agencies, ambulance services, and fire departments. And…

5 Ways Inspection Makes Fire Response More Efficient

posted on Jul 29, 2019 Best Practices

For fire agencies everywhere, inspecting properties within a community is a key role that fulfills not only national, state, and local safety requirements but can actually help increase efficiencies within…

6 Key Data Points Every Fire Department Should Analyze

posted on Jul 11, 2019 Best Practices

Data in the fire industry has been a forefront topic in recent years, and for good reason. Tracking and analyzing data, statistics, and trends can be an extremely powerful tool…

Less Pain, More Power with Integrated ePCR & Fire Software

posted on Jul 02, 2019 Best Practices

If you’ve ever found yourself painfully re-entering data from a call from one software tool to another, you’ve probably felt the frustration of those duplicated efforts. With numerous other tasks…

Intro to ESO Scheduling Recording

posted on Jun 24, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO Scheduling goes way beyond filling open shifts. Take a deeper dive into automated scheduling and all that it offers by watching our “Intro to ESO Scheduling” webinar recording. You’ll…

Case Study: Using Data to Improve Patient Pain Management

posted on Jun 10, 2019 Data & Analytics

Quality improvement projects are an important element for EMS agencies wanting to improve care for their community, ensure their performance aligns with national standards, and keep their teams’ skills in…

ESO Analytics for QI

posted on Jun 06, 2019 Best Practices

Getting S.M.A.R.T. About Your Aim A common and effective tool for generating an aim statement is the S.M.A.R.T. criteria, a simple acronym that helps ensure

Announcing QI Summer School

posted on May 13, 2019 Best Practices

This year at ESO we’re doubling down on our quality improvement focus. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it is my mantra for the whole year. From…

How Fire Agencies Can Support the ARC ‘Home Fire Campaign’

posted on May 10, 2019 Data & Analytics

The American Red Cross (ARC) is currently conducting its annual Home Fire Campaign, a nationwide program launched in 2014 aimed at reducing death and injury from home fires by 25%….

EMS Quality Improvement Summer School

posted on May 07, 2019 Best Practices

Get your quality improvement project up and running with QI Summer School! Hosted by Drs. Remle Crowe and Scott Bourn, QI Summer School breaks down the science of improvement over four, easy-to-follow sessions with practical instruction for application.

Selecting Your Next QI Project: Let the Data Be Your Guide

posted on Apr 25, 2019 Best Practices

When it comes to improving the health and safety of our EMS professionals, patients, and communities, we all want to do better. If your EMS agency is like most, there’s…

Liberty Fire Department Saves Time, Leverages More Data

posted on Apr 22, 2019 Best Practices

Fire agencies are always pushing for improvement. Whether it’s tweaking operational procedures or adding new training opportunities, more efficient firehouses mean safer communities and teams. But how can an agency…

10 Signs You Need New a New Fire RMS

posted on Apr 11, 2019 Best Practices

If you work at a fire department you use software every day to document calls, perform checks, run reports and more. Software has become an integral part of the fire…

Turning EMS Insights into Action

posted on Apr 09, 2019 Data & Analytics

Your EMS agency’s data is a goldmine for improving public safety. When combined with national data, such as from the 2019 ESO EMS Index, the result is beyond powerful. What’s…

How One Fire Agency Made the Switch to More Useful Data

posted on Apr 08, 2019 Best Practices

For today’s professional EMS and fire agencies, data analysis is a necessary component of daily operating procedures. Not only does it ensure that your agency remains in compliance and can…

Screening Tool Optimizes EMS Mental Health Transports

posted on Apr 05, 2019 Best Practices

There are more than 7.4 million mental health–related emergency department (ED) visits in the U.S. every year, and of these, approximately 30 percent arrive by ambulance. Unfortunately, due to a…

Fighting PTSD in the Firehouse

posted on Apr 03, 2019 Best Practices

They’re heroic and brave and can handle any situation. They run towards danger while others are running away. They enter a fire and emerge with rescued people, animals, property. They…

Hospital Predictions: Changes in Acute Stroke Care

posted on Mar 28, 2019 Best Practices

Every year, ESO’s experts to make predictions about what the year ahead will most likely bring for the hospital, fire, and EMS industries. These prediction publications also include recommended action…

Software Spotlight: ESO EHR

posted on Mar 27, 2019 Data & Analytics

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the next generation of ePCR. With reference guides, built-in Analytics and automated data submission, ESO EHR is so advanced, it actually gives you back…

EMS Predictions: Changes on DEA Controlled Substance Rules

posted on Mar 20, 2019 Best Practices

As one of the leading holders of EMS data in the nation, ESO maintains a unique perspective into trends and factors that promise to impact the industry in the months…

EMS Predictions: Payment Reform

posted on Mar 14, 2019 Best Practices

Each year, experts from ESO review the most current information from its large collection of customer-submitted data, firsthand field experience and industry research to create a predictions publication for three…

Take Aim to Create Meaningful Process Improvement

posted on Mar 11, 2019 Best Practices

If you’ve ever had a quality improvement project spin its wheels and get nowhere – or put countless hours of effort and work into implementing an intervention just to have…

5 Ways Geolocation Helps Fire and EMS

posted on Mar 04, 2019 Best Practices

New and free tools are now available to help first responders be more prepared for emergency response as well as more efficiently locate victims, team members, and community resources, all…

2019 ESO EMS Index

posted on Feb 19, 2019 Data & Analytics

Understand the big-picture performance of EMS agencies across the United States as outlined in the 2019 ESO EMS Index. Based on data from more than 1200 agencies and representing 7.58…

Get More From Your Data: Improved Research and Patient Care

posted on Feb 14, 2019 Best Practices

Whether you are a researcher pursuing an important topic, or an EMS agency or hospital diligently collecting data on your team’s performance, you are most likely looking for ways to…

Improving Hospital Performance Metrics in 10-Minutes a Day

posted on Feb 06, 2019 Best Practices

Rotating shift schedules can sometimes work against a hospital staff tasked with providing high quality care and patient safety for long hours at a time, with team members they may…

EMS, Fire, and Revenue Recovery Sessions at Wave 2019

posted on Jan 31, 2019 Best Practices

Nearly 500 health and safety leaders have already registered to join us at Wave 2019. If you are one of them, then we cannot wait to see you in Austin!…

Battling Rising Readmission Rates for Stroke

posted on Jan 30, 2019 Best Practices

It is predicted that an additional 3.4 million U.S. adults will have had a stroke by 2030, a 20.5% increase in prevalence from 2012. With this rising prevalence of strokes,…

The Best Data to Illustrate a Fire Department’s Value

posted on Jan 23, 2019 Best Practices

Although firefighters primarily think of people they protect and serve as members of their community, they are, in fact, also customers. And just like any business, it’s important for executives…

3 Steps for Better EMS Performance Metrics

posted on Jan 11, 2019 Best Practices

Performance metrics are becoming increasingly important in the health care industry, and EMS agencies are beginning to feel the effect. “Value-based health care” is on the rise and the percentage…

Limited-Time Early Bird Discounts Available for Wave 2019

posted on Nov 20, 2018 Best Practices

 One of the industry’s top training and networking events for EMS, fire, and hospital professionals is now open for registration, with a special Early Bird discount available until Dec. 1, 2018. Wave 2019 is…

10 Emergency Departments Reduce Opioid Prescriptions by 36%

posted on Nov 15, 2018 Best Practices

For around two decades years now, many health care providers have witnessed first-hand the results of the so-called “opioid epidemic.” Operating under the early mistaken idea that prescription opioids were not highly…

Webinar: The EMS Revolution

posted on Nov 07, 2018 Data & Analytics

In 1776, scrappy American colonists challenged the British government and the world was never the same. In 2018, two new research studies are challenging EMS operations and it’s likely that…

Spooky Stats: Top Calls for First Responders on Halloween

posted on Oct 29, 2018 Best Practices

Mischief in the streets. Sugar-crazed children running wild. More people out later than usual, partaking in Halloween shenanigans. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Fire responders undoubtedly have a mixture…

Hospitals See 45% Increase in Serious Birth Complications

posted on Oct 28, 2018 Data & Analytics

The rate of severe complications encountered during hospitals births has risen sharply over the last 10 years, according to a recent study released by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)….

Sharing Patient Records During Natural Disasters

posted on Oct 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

The patient sitting before you has been evacuated from a devastating hurricane. His is 75 years old and has no access to his medication, and you are scrambling to locate…

Five Actionable EMS Metrics | On-Demand Webinar

posted on Oct 24, 2018 Best Practices

Learn how you can use the five metrics reported in the ESO EMS Index and EMS Index: Mid-Year Update to better understand your EMS agency and drive performance improvement. David…

6 Key Reports for EMS Leaders

posted on Oct 23, 2018 Best Practices

All EMS agencies collect incident and patient data – to stay compliant, ensure protocols are followed, and to report into state and federal agencies. However, collecting data is only the…

2018 ESO Fire Trends Report

posted on Oct 17, 2018 Best Practices

In the fire service, data and effective analysis have the potential to reduce community risk, improve responder safety and ultimately, transform fire departments. That’s why we want to do our…

How a Fire District Cut Paperwork for Better Reporting

posted on Oct 12, 2018 Data & Analytics

It’s safe to say that no one becomes a firefighter so that they can do paperwork. More likely, you joined to help save lives and property, improve your community, and…

Big Data for Firefighting: 4 Real-World Benefits

posted on Oct 07, 2018 Data & Analytics

You may hear the term “Big Data” thrown around quite a bit these days, in a wide range of applications, from high-tech industries to consumer applications like smart phones, fitness…

ROI Calculator: How Much Could Automation Save Your Agency?

posted on Sep 25, 2018 Best Practices

In the healthcare field – especially those critical first hours after an emergency or incident – second and minutes count. EMTs, nurses, physicians, and firefighters are all working together to…

Emergency Department Costs, Severity of Cases on the Rise

posted on Sep 06, 2018 Data & Analytics

A recent study is showing that emergency department spending per patient has nearly doubled from 2009 to 2016 – with a marked increase in the number of highest severity ratings…

The Index Mid-Year Update: How Does Your Agency Compare?”

posted on Aug 16, 2018 Company Updates

Earlier this year, we launched the first-ever ESO EMS Index to look at five key metrics that affect EMS agencies across the country. We looked at more than 5 million…

It’s Coming – The 2018 EMS Index: Mid-Year Update

posted on Aug 14, 2018 Best Practices

Earlier this year, we identified a number of trends we believed would have an impact on EMS organizations in 2018. The prevailing theme is data. Or, rather, the need for…

2018 EMS Index: Mid-Year Update

posted on Aug 13, 2018 Data & Analytics

At the beginning of this year we launched the 2018 ESO EMS Index, examining five key metrics for EMS agencies Stroke assessment performance Percent of patients suffering from overdose ETCO2…

Fighting the ‘Data Delgue’ in Smart Firefighting

posted on Aug 06, 2018 Data & Analytics

Firefighting is, as an industry, getting “smarter.” And it’s a good thing, too. With more complicated buildings and properties, more chemicals and hazards, and more people in our cities and communities needing…

The Benefits of SaaS for First Responders

posted on Aug 02, 2018 Data & Analytics

You may often hear about “The Cloud” or SaaS solutions – short for “software as a service” – and wondered if and how they may benefit those in the business…

Harnessing Data to Make Firefighting Smarter

posted on Aug 01, 2018 Data & Analytics

The “smart technology” that you find in your phone, in your car, in your watch, and in your home can make life easier, more integrated, more efficient, and even safer….

The Future of Healthcare Analytics

posted on Jul 27, 2018 Best Practices

As healthcare providers and administrators continue to pursue the so-called Triple Aim – to improve patient experience of care, to improve the health of populations, and to reduce the per…

EMS Index Updates

posted on Jul 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

At the beginning of this year we launched the 2018 ESO EMS Index, examining five key metrics for EMS agencies Stroke assessment performance Percent of patients suffering from overdose ETCO2…

5 Ways Data Improves the Patient Experience

posted on Jul 03, 2018 Best Practices

Data is available in an over-abundance in health care settings, and a patient’s experience is becoming more and more digitized. The key, however, is knowing how to process and use…

A Cheat Sheet for Fire and EMS

posted on Jun 29, 2018 Data & Analytics

Does the thought of statistics make you a little queasy? You’re not alone: According to a recent study, only 0.06247% of firefighters and EMS personnel like statistics. (And yes, we…

Software Spotlight: ESO Fire Incidents

posted on Jun 28, 2018 Data & Analytics

ESO Fire Incidents is an intuitive, cloud-based NFIRS reporting software solution. Built to meet the needs and workflows of firefighters in the field, Fire Incidents helps departments save time, create…

Save Time and Improve Reporting with Fire and EHR Software

posted on Jun 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

Iona-McGregor Fire District was looking for easy-to-use fire department software that would guide responders to input the essential data, improve the quality of reports and meet their state reporting needs….

On Demand: Data-Driven Decision Making for Fire Departments

posted on Jun 21, 2018 Best Practices

Collecting data is only one piece of the decision-making puzzle. In order to drive performance, improve response times, reduce community risk and understand critical tasking, you need to learn how…

Detroit Fire Department Is Using Data for the Greater Good

posted on Jun 21, 2018 Data & Analytics

Can a major city fire department use data to drive change and improve care … in the middle of a municipal bankruptcy, to boot?  Yes, says Robert B. Dunne, MD,…

How Hospitals Can Cultivate EMS Loyalty

posted on Jun 15, 2018 Data & Analytics

When hospitals foster loyalty among EMS agencies, the result is not only greater transport volume and increased revenue, but it’s also greater efficiency and improved quality of care – in…

Feature Highlight: ESO EHR Overdose Forms

posted on Jun 12, 2018 Data & Analytics

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) offers Overdose Surveillance Forms to enable your EMS agency to easily track overdose documentation so you can improve responses and outcomes. Discover the benefits of…