Addition of SafetyPad to ESO Portfolio of Products

ESO Solutions, Inc., a leading data and software company serving emergency medical services, fire departments and hospitals, announced today that it has completed a transaction to bring the people, software, and customers of oPEN Inc., maker of the SafetyPAD suite of software products, into its portfolio of products. SafetyPAD ePCR software is used to document prehospital patient care by agencies in many of the nation’s most populous cities.

“Our commitment to improving community health through the power of data is shared by the oPEN Inc. team,” said Chris Dillie, President and CEO of ESO. “Together we can expand on that vision by helping even more EMS agencies, fire departments and hospitals turn their data into actionable information that improves healthcare. We are also excited to add the talented SafetyPAD team to the ESO family.”

"By working together, we will give SafetyPAD agencies a way to tap into that data to improve both quality of care and operations."

Mike Vukovich, founder and CEO of oPEN added, “Our teams have provided amazing solutions to emergency services, and we share a similar passion to do our best to support those who help others. We are incredibly excited about joining ESO and contributing to their vision to make data actionable for EMS agencies, fire departments, and hospitals. Rapid access to meaningful data is vital, and we are especially excited that our customers, including several of the largest services in the nation, will be even more empowered to support their communities.”

“Today, when EMS systems and hospitals can’t securely exchange and interpret their data or use it effectively, they get left behind,” continued Mr. Dillie. “By working together, we will give SafetyPAD agencies a way to tap into that data to improve both quality of care and operations,” he said.

Based in Minneapolis, oPEN was founded in 1993. Its customers include: Boston EMS; Chicago Fire Dept.; Miami-Dade Fire Rescue; City of Miami Fire Rescue; Washington, D.C., Fire-EMS; Detroit Fire Department; Hennepin County (Minn.) EMS; Columbus (Ohio) Division of Fire; Cincinnati Fire Dept.; and numerous others. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

ESO will bring focused sessions that support the needs of SafetyPAD customers to Wave 2018, its annual customer and industry conference, February 1-2, 2018, in Austin, TX.

About ESO

ESO Solutions, Inc., is dedicated to improving community health and safety through the power of data. Since its founding in 2004, the company has been a pioneer in electronic patient care records (ePCR) software for emergency medical services, fire departments and ambulance services. Today, ESO’s healthcare, public safety and technology experts deliver the most innovative software and data solutions on the market, including the industry-leading ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR); ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE), the first-of-its-kind healthcare interoperability platform; record management system (RMS) for fire departments; and ambulance revenue recovery/billing software. ESO is also playing a leading role in helping EMS provider organizations across the nation successfully transition to NEMSIS Version 3 and new state standards for electronic patient care reporting.

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