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Feature Highlight: Cancer Exposure & Decontamination Fields

Track and report, in one, single location

ESO’s mission to improve community health and safety through the power of data is the driving force for this feature. The addition of cancer exposure and decontamination fields to ESO Incidents allows for firefighters to track cancer exposures along with the decontamination steps that were taken following the exposure. Integration into a fire records management system is an industry first, eliminating the need for a firefighter to document this exposure in other software, on paper, or in a personal notebook. This also transfers the documentation of the exposure, decontamination, and the incident to the firefighter’s personnel management file used in our Personnel Management (PM) Module, making reporting a breeze.

Key features of the Exposure and Decontamination fields include: 

  • Tracking individual exposure levels 
  • Historical reporting and documentation 
  • Easy workflow 
  • Tying to personnel files