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When Guesses Have Dire Consequences

Why Data Is Integral to EMS

Written in partnership with EMS1

In EMS the challenge isn’t lack of data. It’s quite the opposite. Think about the thousands of ePCR reports EMTs and paramedics file in the back of an ambulance each day.  

As a field provider, the accuracy and quality of data entered into the ePCR contributes to a robust data set, aggregated for millions of patients, that can be analyzed and reported. This is just one example of how everyone in EMS, especially field providers, plays a key role in making our profession richer in data. 

Download the eBook to access helpful insights on how data can improve your agency’s impact and operations, and how to make the most of the data your agency collects with useful information, including: 

  • Expert advice from industry leaders, Drs. Brent Myers and Remle Crowe 
  • Five tips on improving patient outcomes  
  • “How To” on presenting EMS data to decision-makers 
  • In-depth Q&A session with a data expert

To kick-start your EMS data usage, read “When Guesses Have Dire Consequences: Why data is integral to EMS” today. 

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