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Winter is Coming: COVID-19

A Rational Path Forward for EMS Agencies, Fire Departments, and Hospitals

The end of October represents an inflection point in the most prestigious COVID-19 models, with predictions ranging from a substantial surge in cases by January 1, 2021 to a marked decrease with a relatively calm fall/early winter. So, where do we go from here and how do we plan accordingly? EMS agencies, fire departments, hospitals and state agencies need to be fully prepared for any number of scenarios around COVID-19 that removes as much guesswork and speculation as possible.  

In the on-demand webinar, Winter is Coming: COVID-19 – Fact, Fiction, and a Rational Path Forward, Dr. Brent Myers, ESO’s Chief Medical Officer, sorts through the evidence and look to provide answers for the following questions: 

  • Do we know the true mortality rate of COVID?   
  • What is the deal with droplet vs. airborne transmission? 
  • What’s the timing of a safe vaccine? 
  • What do the models actually show? 
  • What are the key EMS elements to monitor to see how we are doing in the fall? 

Understanding the full healthcare and public safety picture – from the time of a 911 call to hospital departure – is essential to providing the best possible care for patients and ensuring the well-being of first responders. Check out the on-demand webinar to learn more.

Meet the Speaker 

Brent Myers, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAEMS is an internationally recognized expert in the area of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), particularly as it relates to systems of care, performance improvement, and population management. In his role at ESO, he is responsible for fostering a culture of medical rigor and practical application in development of ESO software and services; leading the research and performance initiative; and applying medical expertise and scientific rigor to support customers. He served as co-editor of the 2nd Edition of Emergency Medical Services, Clinical Practice and Systems Overnight, serves on the editorial board of numerous peer-reviewed journals, has numerous peer-review publications, and has provided lectures around the world. Most recently, Brent has served as Chief Medical Officer for Evolution Health and Associate Chief Medical Officer for American Medical Response.  

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