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Software Spotlight: ESO HDE for Hospital Registries

One of the most critical datasets your registry team needs might be sitting on the fax machine. Data from EMS providers are not only required for your pre-hospital data, it carries with it so many benefits for driving revenue, improving resource planning, and enhancing patient outcomes. ESO Health Data Exchange bridges the data gap between EMS and the hospital, with bidirectional data sharing to support operational and quality process needs. All secure, all auditable, and all in real time. True data interoperability is here.  

  • Save Time: No more tracking down run sheets and information for your pre-hospital data fields.  
  • Maintain Compliance: Be able to access the complete patient care record with ease. 
  • Be Data Savvy: Review referral patterns, receive insight into volume by service line, and create metrics that satisfy leadership while providing real-world benefit.  

infographic of ESO Health Data Exchange features

To learn more, read the software spotlight or request a demo today.

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