NFIRS Fire Incident Reporting Software

Save valuable time, improve data accuracy, and become a data-driven fire department. It's possible with ESO Fire Incidents.

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

Why do more? With ESO Fire Incidents’ integration to ESO EHR, you’ll never have to complete both an ePCR report and an NFIRS report for the same call again. Eliminating redundant data entry not only saves time — it improves report accuracy, too.

Faster NFIRS Reporting

Incident documentation is not the exciting part of a firefighter’s job, but it is necessary. Fortunately, ESO Fire Incidents’ intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to complete accurate and quality reports without spending hours to do it so they can get back to the job they really signed up for.

“ESO Fire Incidents makes inputting data easy, giving us valid, reliable data on a consistent basis. It’s definitely streamlined our fire reporting process.” FRANK VRKLAN, BATTALION CHIEF MIRAMAR FIRE RESCUE, FL

Automated NFIRS Submission

Take the hassle out of submitting your data to the state — ESO does the work for you. Automatically.

Progressive Validation

Why struggle to figure out what required elements are missing? ESO Fire Incidents’ exclusive progressive validation sequence leads the user through the report. If there’s an error, the user simply clicks to open the field that has the issue. Saving time is the name of the game.

See How ESO Fire Incidents Works for You

  • Straightforward, automated NFIRS and state reporting
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Exclusive progressive validation technology
  • Cloud-based application
  • ESO EHR integration

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