It’s Coming – The 2018 EMS Index: Mid-Year Update

Analysis of EMS Metrics for the First Six Months of 2018

Posted on August 14, 2018
Tags: EMS

Earlier this year, we identified a number of trends we believed would have an impact on EMS organizations in 2018. The prevailing theme is data. Or, rather, the need for smarter use of data to make more informed decisions, share important information from multiple sources, and improve interoperability between departments and other systems to ensure positive outcomes for both patients and the organizations that serve them.

In February we launched the 2018 ESO EMS Index, the purpose to serve as a point of reference for EMS organizations to identify which areas are in alignment and which areas represent opportunity for improvement – or at least further assessment and evaluation. We examined five key metrics for EMS agencies

  • Stroke assessment performance
  • Percent of patients suffering from overdose
  • ETCO2 after advanced airway procedure
  • 12-lead performance in adult chest pain
  • Aspirin administration in adult chest pain

Based on your feedback, the growth of ESO’s data and changes over time, we are releasing an update to the ESO EMS Index later this week. The 2018 EMS Index: Mid-Year Update examines the same five metrics, identifying changes and emerging trends. Combined with your agency’s specific performance metrics, these two reports will help you better answer questions like

  • Is my agency’s performance aligned with others around the country?
  • What best practices can we employ to improve results?
  • What early trends are emerging?

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