We offer a wide variety of online and virtual training courses and options to help users increase their knowledge across all of our registry products – from beginner sessions to more advanced sessions. These courses are designed for different learning styles and busy schedules. Ultimately, we want users to feel comfortable and confident using our registry products. Enjoy!


The use of Associations for unique and additional data fields, and focus on the structure of an association for data collection and reporting. Register here.

Autofill's & Defaults

Learn how to set up and configure autofill’s. Autofill automatically populates data into fields depending on the answer provided in a master field. Register here.

Codes and Patterns

Learning the use of CHECK CODES is vital for every client to understand. This course is intended for students who have been involved with trauma data for at least one year and have an understanding of the database. This class will focus on the new check codes screen. Register here.

Common Monthly Reporting

The student will learn the importance of monthly reporting. An overview of suggested standard reports most often provided to committees, administration, board members, etc. Register here.

Crosstab Reporting

Learn the structure of the most commonly used style of report, a crosstab. Understand when and how this reporting can be beneficial. Register here.

Detail Reporting

Learn the structure of a detail report, when and how this style of reporting can be beneficial. The student will look at standard detail reports and learn how to create one from scratch. Register here.

Introduction to Customization

Learn how to customize the database to meet your needs. Hiding, disabling fields, defaults, shuffling of screen order are just a few of the concepts covered. Register here.

Introduction to Performance Improvement

The database is designed to be the lead component in performance improvement monitoring. This course will provide an overview of what performance improvement is and will introduce the student to various areas of the registry that can help with the monitoring and reporting of PI. This course is intended for all students. Register here.

Introduction to TCL

Each student will learn the basic Terminal Control Language (TCL) used to directly query and report data. The student must have an understanding of field names. Register here.

Understanding & Creating Edits

The student will understand how to create logic edits to help with monitoring data integrity. For example, an edit would be identified if you have a patient with an outcome of alive and an autopsy number. Register here.

VOC Statements

Each student will learn how to create, test, and utilize VOC statements at TCL. Advanced TCL knowledge is needed prior to taking this class. Register here.

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Onsite Training

Our mission is to improve community health and safety through the power of data. In light of COVID-19, ESO is suspending any in-person training sessions until further notice to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and our employees.

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