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2020 ESO Fire Service Index

Let's look back on 2019 data to drive change in 2020

The purpose of this 2020 ESO Fire Service Index is to serve as a point of reference for fire departments to identify which areas are in alignment and which areas represent an opportunity for improvement – or at least further assessment and evaluation.

The appropriate metrics for evaluating the success of your fire department will vary depending upon several factors, including the size of the population served and geographic location. In some cases, the emphasis is less about identifying “success” and more about understanding your community and its unique needs. However, we believe an objective look at aggregate data across the United States can give you a good idea of how you are performing compared to your peers.   

Ignite quality improvement conversations as a starting point:  

  • How many of our calls are EMS calls compared to fire calls? 
  • What are our most common responses overall? Among fire calls?
  • How quickly do we respond to a call on average?
  • What is our average travel time to a call?
  • What are the most common property types we respond to?
  • How much property loss was reported overall? In aggregate by property type?

We hope this helps you gather greater insight into your department.  

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