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Compassionate Care for Genderqueer and Transgender Trauma

LGBTQIA individuals face significant levels of health inequalities and disparities – and are at a higher risk for traumatic events and injuries resulting in hospitalization than cisgender individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. However, there is only a small amount of education for medical providers, particularly related to patient-centered care for LGBTQIA patients today. This lack of data, information, clinical knowledge, and training has created gaps in clinicians’ abilities to provide compassionate care for genderqueer and transgender trauma patients.

ESO offers this free poster resource for professionals seeking advice, education, and best practices for compassionate care for genderqueer and transgender trauma patients, courtesy of Garrett D. Hall (them/they/their) BSN, RN, CSTR, CAISS; Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP; Remle P. Crowe (she/her/hers) PhD, NREMT; Brent Myers (he/him/his) MD, MPH.

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