Health Data Exchange (HDE)

This changes everything. ESO Health Data Exchange bridges the data gap between hospitals and EMS with bidirectional data sharing to support operational and quality process needs. All secure, all auditable, and all in real time. True data interoperability is here.

Proven Track Record

Thanks to HDE, useful data exchange between EMS and hospitals is occurring on a widespread basis.

  • Successfully bridge the interoperability gap. ESO HDE connects EMS and hospitals in multiple sites using a variety of EMS and hospital data sources — the only platform to do so.
  • Improve patient outcomes. Together, the stakeholders can do comparative analysis of hospital and EMS data to improve patient outcomes.
  • Be data savvy. Review referral patterns, receive insight into volume by service line, and create metrics that satisfy leadership while providing real-world benefit.
  • Fulfill primary use cases for both hospitals and EMS. Hospitals can securely pull the EMS runsheet into the hospital-based EHR. EMS can receive and learn from clinical outcome data.

Actionable, Real-Time Data

There’s no time to wait in the ED for paper faxes to arrive when it comes to STEMI, stroke, and other time sensitive cases. HDE delivers the ePCR directly into your EHR or EMR so you can quickly identify pre-hospital medications, conditions present and other patient info — all in real time.

“I love having HDE in the hospital because in minutes I have the full EMS report populated in our system and it's incredibly easy to find – especially for those patients who get ‘red doored,’ aka dropped off in Triage.” AVERY THORNHILL, DO, EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN LSU MEDICAL CENTER, SHREVEPORT, LA

Bidirectional and Agnostic

HDE provides true bidirectional data sharing – the EMS record flows directly into the hospital EHR, and hospital clinical outcome information is available to EMS in real time. Data can be shared from or with any EHR or major hospital EMR system in an agnostic “connect once, connect to all” model.

Improved Reimbursement Processes

Use HDE with ESO Payer Insights and get easy access to hospital-gathered insurance — your billing staff can import hospital demographic data directly into ESO Billing.

  • Reduce manual processes
  • Shorten processing time
  • Increase collections

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