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5 Ways Data Improves the Patient Experience

posted on Jul 03, 2018 Best Practices

Data is available in an over-abundance in health care settings, and a patient’s experience is becoming more and more digitized. The key, however, is knowing how to process and use…

A Cheat Sheet for Fire and EMS

posted on Jun 29, 2018 Data & Analytics

Does the thought of statistics make you a little queasy? You’re not alone: According to a recent study, only 0.06247% of firefighters and EMS personnel like statistics. (And yes, we…

Software Spotlight: ESO Fire Incidents

posted on Jun 28, 2018 Data & Analytics

ESO Fire Incidents is an intuitive, cloud-based NFIRS reporting software solution. Built to meet the needs and workflows of firefighters in the field, Fire Incidents helps departments save time, create…

Save Time and Improve Reporting with Fire and EHR Software

posted on Jun 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

Iona-McGregor Fire District was looking for easy-to-use fire department software that would guide responders to input the essential data, improve the quality of reports and meet their state reporting needs….

On Demand: Data-Driven Decision Making for Fire Departments

posted on Jun 21, 2018 Best Practices

Collecting data is only one piece of the decision-making puzzle. In order to drive performance, improve response times, reduce community risk and understand critical tasking, you need to learn how…

Detroit Fire Department Is Using Data for the Greater Good

posted on Jun 21, 2018 Data & Analytics

Can a major city fire department use data to drive change and improve care … in the middle of a municipal bankruptcy, to boot?  Yes, says Robert B. Dunne, MD,…

How Hospitals Can Cultivate EMS Loyalty

posted on Jun 15, 2018 Data & Analytics

When hospitals foster loyalty among EMS agencies, the result is not only greater transport volume and increased revenue, but it’s also greater efficiency and improved quality of care – in…

Feature Highlight: ESO EHR Overdose Forms

posted on Jun 12, 2018 Data & Analytics

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) offers Overdose Surveillance Forms to enable your EMS agency to easily track overdose documentation so you can improve responses and outcomes. Discover the benefits of…

How the Internet of Things Impacts Health Care

posted on Jun 12, 2018 Best Practices

As a wide range of industries rely more and more on the Internet of Things (IoT) to make life more seamless, individuals are recording and sharing information at unprecedented levels….

Adapting to Changes with Easy-To-Use Software

posted on Jun 07, 2018 Data & Analytics

Iona-McGregor Fire District was ready to upgrade their fire department software with a fire RMS that would guide responders to input the essential data and help improve data quality. Like many EMS agencies…

Battling the Opioid Crisis With Data in Boston

posted on Jun 07, 2018 Data & Analytics

It’s no secret that the opioid crisis has hit hard in cities across the U.S., and Boston is no exception. But one way Boston stands out is its dedication to…

A Look at Data-Driven Decisions for Fire Depts. – Part 4

posted on May 16, 2018 Data & Analytics

As a fire department, are you effective? Are you making defensible decisions for things like staffing, operations, budget? If you answered yes, Captain with the Fayetteville (NC) Fire/Emergency Management Dept….

National Nurses’ Week: A Look At The Long Hours

posted on May 14, 2018 Best Practices

Each year, National Nurse’s Week celebrates the more than 4.1 million professionally active nurses in the U.S., pausing to appreciate members of what Americans have rated as the “most honest…

3 Features In Fire Inspection & Pre-Planning Software

posted on May 14, 2018 Best Practices

Whether your fire agency has a dedicated fire inspector, or the task falls to a combination of staff and field personnel, inspection and pre-planning is an important and necessary part…

A Look at Data-Driven Decisions for Fire Depts. – Part 3

posted on May 09, 2018 Data & Analytics

As a fire department, are you effective? Are you making defensible decisions for things like staffing, operations, budget? If you answered yes, Captain with the Fayetteville (NC) Fire/Emergency Management Dept….

Make Your Dumb Data Smart

posted on May 08, 2018 Best Practices

In an industry that is exceptionally efficient at creating data points, the sheer amount of information available can be daunting – and even counter-productive – to those in the EMS…

How Healthcare Providers Can Observe American Stroke Month

posted on May 07, 2018 Best Practices

In honor of the month of May’s designation as American Stroke Month, the American Stroke Association (ASA) is encouraging health care providers and hospitals to focus on the latest developments…

A Look at Data-Driven Decisions for Fire Depts. – Part 2

posted on May 02, 2018 Data & Analytics

As a fire department, are you effective? Are you making defensible decisions for things like staffing, operations, budget? If you answered yes, Jason Hathcock, a Captain with the Fayetteville (NC) Fire/Emergency…

Firefighters Face 60% Increase in Fire Calls in 2018

posted on Apr 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

The first few months of 2018 may be in the books, but firefighters across the U.S. are staying busier than ever, according to a recent statement by the American Red…

A Look at Data-Driven Decisions for Fire Depts. – Part 1

posted on Apr 25, 2018 Data & Analytics

As a fire department, are you effective? Are you making defensible decisions for things like staffing, operations, budget? If you answered yes, Jason Hathcock and Frank Blackley challenge you to…

Big Data, Smart Data and Fire

posted on Apr 23, 2018 Data & Analytics

Earlier this year, we predicted trends that were going to have an impact on firefighters and fire departments around the country. One of them was about the use of data….

Webinar: Make Your Dumb Data Smart

posted on Apr 20, 2018 Best Practices

Is there more to your EMS data than you realize? Watch the on-demand “Make Your Dumb Data Smart” webinar, based on a Wave 2018 session, to learn our approach to…

Improving Hospital Workflows through Health Data Exchange

posted on Apr 06, 2018 Data & Analytics

Since the HITECH Act of 2009, hospital administrators have been challenged to incorporate impactful analytics into their hospital systems to drive population health outcomes, improve operational efficiencies and prevent unnecessary…

Improving EMS & Hospital Communications

posted on Apr 02, 2018 Data & Analytics

To become effective interagency communicators, hospitals and EMS agencies must look at the entire continuum of care to find weak spots within their systems and processes. Many agencies find that…

What We Can Learn from Baseball’s Obsession with Data

posted on Mar 29, 2018 Data & Analytics

As I read through The Wall Street Journal this morning the sub-head for an article titled, “The Data Wonk Who Became a Coach,” by Jared Diamond, captured my attention. The…

In the News: Miramar Fire-Rescue

posted on Mar 26, 2018 Data & Analytics

Miramar Fire-Rescue is located in Florida, between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, and they serve a population of over 130,000 people. As the Regional Account Manager for Florida, I have the…

West County EMS’ EHR and HDE Software Success Story

posted on Mar 13, 2018 Data & Analytics

An overarching goal of many EMS and Firefighting organizations is to continuously improve their quality of patient care and demonstrate value within their communities. One of the best ways to…

Gaining Better Access to EMS Patient Records

posted on Mar 12, 2018 Data & Analytics

St. Elizabeth Healthcare wanted to enhance their collaboration with EMS agencies while providing better services for the patients in their community. Specifically, St. Elizabeth received patients from 35 EMS agencies…

A Tale of Three Administrators

posted on Mar 05, 2018 Best Practices

Read A Tale of Three Administrators to discover how hospital administration can be improved through an electronic, two-way sharing of health data between hospitals and EMS agencies.

EMS Agencies’ Data on the Opioid Crisis

posted on Mar 01, 2018 Data & Analytics

Every week it seems one of the biggest topics in the healthcare industry is the overdose and opioid epidemic in the United States today. Many reports, including EMS agency reporting,…

Live Webinar featuring ESO Properties & Inspections

posted on Feb 21, 2018 Company Updates

Date: Thursday, March 1 Time: 1 p.m. CST ESO Properties & Inspections has arrived! The latest modules built for the fire market, ESO Properties and Inspections will help you keep track of the…

Session at Wave: 2018 ESO EMS Index

posted on Feb 20, 2018 Data & Analytics

Have you ever wondered how your organization is performing in comparison to your peers? During Wave 2018, ESO’s national user and data conference, Dr. Brent Myers, Chief Medical Officer of…

How Does Your EMS Agency Compare to the National Average?

posted on Feb 15, 2018 Data & Analytics

 If you’re like me, you have no idea who the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is. But you are very familiar with his words of wisdom: The only thing that is…

Proving Value with EMS Data

posted on Feb 14, 2018 Data & Analytics

West County EMS and Fire Protection District’s adoption of ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Data Exchange (HDE) allowed their chief to immediately gain insight into the team’s performance and making data-driven decisions to improve patient care.

Shocks to The System – Wave Day 2 Keynote

posted on Feb 05, 2018 Data & Analytics

Imagine a future in which EMS arrives at a scene via jetpack, drones deliver needed supplies and – instead of an ambulance – a modular hospital drives itself to the…

Four Hospital Trends to Track in 2018

posted on Jan 04, 2018 Data & Analytics

What does 2018 have in store for hospitals? If we take a sneak peek into our crystal ball, we’ll see that data will continue to play a major role. We…

Trends with the Biggest Impact on EMS Agencies for 2018

posted on Jan 02, 2018 Data & Analytics

A new year brings with it new challenges as well as new opportunities. 2018 is no different. For EMS organizations, data will continue to emerge as a core trend that…

EMS/Hospital Performance Improvements With Shared Data

posted on Oct 19, 2017 Data & Analytics

For the growing number of EMS systems nationwide who use two-way data exchange using ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE), having hospital data brings unprecedented opportunities for performance improvement. But the…

The Future of EMS in 2050

posted on Sep 28, 2017 Data & Analytics

What will EMS look like 33 years from now? That’s the question that the National Office of EMS is asking the national EMS community, from the biggest municipal systems to the smallest volunteer departments, via the recently-kicked-off EMS Agenda 2050 Project.

Fight Opioid Crisis with EMS Data from ESO

posted on Jun 05, 2017 Data & Analytics

Drug overdose deaths and opioid-involved deaths continue to increase in the United States. According to the latest figures, more than six out of 10 drug overdose deaths now involve an opioid, and every day 91 Americans die of opioid overdose.

Hidden Threats for Hospitals

posted on May 05, 2017 Data & Analytics

In 2016, the Joint Commission published a report that illustrated the nation’s level of noncompliance with Joint Commission standards. One such standard — Record of Care (RC) 01.01.01, the foundational standard for patients’ medical records — is a perennial top 10 on the list of most frequently cited standards.

Outcome Measures Case Study

posted on Nov 14, 2016 Data & Analytics

Outcome measures are an important part of EMS Compass, and NEMSIS version 3 has the capability to make these measures readily available to every agency, large and small. We talked to Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, to see how some agencies are using outcome measures.