Announcing QI Summer School

Scott Bourn

This year at ESO we’re doubling down on our quality improvement focus. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it is my mantra for the whole year. From sessions at Wave in March to working with NAEMSP on in-depth quality improvement workshops, it touches everything.  

And for good reason. When community health leaders – leaders by title and leaders by action – know how to identify and drive measurable improvement, the impact is far reaching. These aren’t just snazzy new results to take to city leaders or budget meetings. These are individuals whose lives have been saved and whose quality of life has been preserved. It’s mothers who can attend college graduations; grandpas who can cut a rug at their grandchild’s wedding; children who experience comfort and relief on the scariest day of their life. And it means more providers experience more life-saving moments and fewer fatalities. 

That’s why I’m proud to announce ESO’s newest quality improvement initiative: QI Summer School. QI Summer School is a four-webinar series offered entirely for free. The webinars will be one-hour each, offer CAPCE credit and led by Dr. Remle Crowe and myself. Each session will focus on a different topic of QI and include recommended “homework.” Our goal is that by the end of this crash course, participants will have the tools to begin a QI initiative at their agency, and, if they are doing their homework, will in fact have already begun one. 

The four sessions and dates are as follows: 

Ready, Set, Aim 

June 5, hosted by EMS World
Learn how to create practical aims and avoid pitfalls. See how national reports and other tools can be leveraged in the development of a strong aim. Register here. 

For Good Measure 

June 26
Find out how to identify the right measures for determining success and how to create a plan to make data collection part of the process. Register here. 

Einstein-Level Theories of Change 

July 23
Explore methods for developing specific ideas for changes that can be tested and how to decide which idea will likely result in meaningful change. Register here. 

Fast & Furious 

August 20
Learn how to perform small, rapid tests of change using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles and how to scale up to implementation once the right change has been found. Register here. 

 I hope you’ll join Remle and me for all four sessions. If you can’t wait until June 5 to get started (and, really, I can’t blame you for being excited), I recommend reading “Start with One” by ESO and EMS World or “Take Aim to Create Meaningful Process Improvement” by Remle to get a head start. 

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