Dear Boss, Here’s Why I Should Attend Wave and FHETS

Download the justification letter to get started today

ESO Staff

You already know that Wave is the leading EMS, fire, and hospital industry conference for leveraging data. And you know you’ll have invaluable networking opportunities (RSVP on Facebook to start networking today). You also know FHETS and the new ESO Training Academy will give you the hands-on training you need to do more with your data.

But does your boss know that?

To help you articulate the value of Wave, FHETS and the ESO Training Academy, we’ve created three justification letters you can use to make your case. The letters outline the logistical basics (March 19-22 in Austin), overarching benefits, and the cost. They also provide an opportunity for you to customize the letter with specifics about the sessions you plan to attend. Some sessions you may consider highlighting include:

  • Building Hospital and EMS Relations
  • Creating a Culture of Patient Safety
  • Planning for Active Threat Responses
  • Using Data to Generate Dollars
  • Controversies in Spinal Motion Restriction
  • Managing Shortfalls and Growth in EMS
  • CRR Data: You Do It, You Document It, Why Don’t You Share It

The event is just two months away. Make sure you can attend – download the right justification letter today.

See you in March!

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