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Who doesn’t love a good “best of” collection? Greatest hits albums, Oprah’s favorite things, ESPN’s highlights reels. They sort through the noise and give us just the very best. That’s what ESO’s Best of EMS in 2018 list does too. So here it is, the official Best of EMS list for the past year. Take a few moments to check them out today.

Research: ESO EMS Index 

Based on more than 5 million EMS records, the Index answers questions like “are we aligned with other agencies” and “are we above or below the average for overdose events”. Read the Index here.

 JEMS Webinar: The EMS Revolution

Learn how two new research studies are challenging EMS operations. Watch this one-hour webinar with JEMS to better understand the uprisings in stroke care and spinal motion restriction.

Webinar: Make Your Dumb Data Smart 

Based on his Wave 2018 session, Dr. Scott Bourn provides insight on how to make the most of data captured in your ePCR. Watch this webinar for creative ideas and practical tips any EMS agency can use.

Guide: Documenting the Opioid Crisis 

Learn six best practices for improving your agency’s opioid response. From Narcan administration to provider safety, be better prepared for the opioid epidemic.

Spokane Public Radio: Mapping Opioid Hot Spots 

Discover how a fire administrator’s research program turned into a useful tool for understanding his community’s opioid use.

We hope this list is helpful for you and your agencies. Have a healthy and safe holiday season!

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