5 Best of Fire Resources

ESO Staff

Was part of your New Year’s resolution to learn something new? Maybe it was to just keep up with the trends. Either way, ESO is here to help you reach those goals. We’ve narrowed the big list of things down to just five of the best of 2018. Take a minute and get ahead for 2019!

Research: 2018 ESO Fire Trends Report

Understand fire department performance across the US with the inaugural ESO Fire Trends Report. Based on 600,000 incidents, the report provides perspectives on turnout times, property loss, and more.

Guide: Preplans to Improve Provider Safety

Ensure your preplans are meeting their full potential for your crew. Discover five preplans strategies that can improve provider safety.

Buyer’s Guide: NFIRS Software 

Take the questioning out of your NFIRS software purchase with a comprehensive buyer’s guide. You’ll learn the hard questions to ask, five key considerations, and pro tips for making the selection process easy.

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment: The Clean Cab Concept

Find out how two Florida fire departments are implementing the clean cab concept to minimize dangerous exposures and keep crews safe.

Spokane Public Radio: Mapping Opioid Hot Spots

Discover how a fire administrator’s research program turned into a useful tool for understanding his community’s opioid use.

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