Turning EMS Insights into Action

Excerpt from webinar with JEMS

ESO Staff

Your EMS agency’s data is a goldmine for improving public safety. When combined with national data, such as from the 2019 ESO EMS Index, the result is beyond powerful.

What’s in the ESO EMS Index?

The Index offers insight into national data for seven measures

  • Stroke assessment performance
  • ETCO2 after advanced airway procedure
  • 12-lead performance in adult patients experiencing chest pain
  • Aspirin administration in adults experiencing chest pain
  • Percent of patients suffering from overdose
  • Influenza-like illness

Insights to Action

In a spring webinar, Drs. Brent Myers and Remle Crowe partnered with JEMS to demonstrate how agencies can use the data in the Index, as well as their own data, to begin turning insights into action. One interesting area they explored was around stroke assessment performance which was completed in less than 65% of appropriate instances. Why is completion so low? A deeper dive into the data shows two primary reasons: partial completion or narrative-only inclusion.

For more watch their full webinar or see the selected slides below.

Watch the full on-demand webinar today.

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