Why People Love Regional User Groups

ESO Staff

Recently we asked our Facebook followers why they attend Regional User Groups. The results are in and over half of the responders said they came for networking and meeting ESO Staff. While we’re flattered you think meeting our staff is cool, we know that meeting other professionals from your area to talk about how they’re using ESO’s products is definitely higher on the totem pole.

Along with networking, based on the post regional user group survey feedback, one thing that has been a hot topic is the product round-tables. This is a hands-on activity where customers take a list of upcoming features and sort them based on their agency’s needs. With this feedback, we’re able to ensure the ESO product roadmap is customer-driven.This session has led to some killer insights about what our customers are hoping to see next, but it has also opened the floor for attendees and ESO staff alike to express ideas on how to use the program features they already have.

Other feedback tells us that user groups are popular for

  • Seeing how ESO customers are improving patient care and public safety
  • Discovering tips and tricks for improving operating efficiency
  • Learning about upcoming product updates and other news from ESO
  • Getting your questions answered and having in-person support discussions
  • Participating in a live hands-on workshop using ESO Products

ESO is excited for our last two regional user groups of 2018 and to continue to hearing from our customers and meeting new faces in each region. If one of these events is near you, please register today to join us!

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