Get Started With ESO EHR

Important steps for you to take before June 8.


As a reminder, ESO is working with the State of North Dakota to transition you to the ESO EHR web application by July 1, 2018. See below to start taking the necessary steps to get you up and running by the deadline.

Download the ESO EHR state-provided web application configuration file here.

Step 1: Download Your Setup File

To get started, click here to download and complete your setup file.

Important: All setup files must be returned by June 8 to ensure you complete training.

Step 2: Register for the Kick-Off Webinar

We are holding a series of webinars to help you get started. Dates and times are right around the corner—please register ASAP. Items covered:
· How to complete the setup file
· The implementation process and
· Tips for a successful go-live

Important: This is a great time to bring all of your questions, including those regarding your set-up files.

Please click here to select a date for the kick-off webinar. Dates and times are listed in the link.


Step 3: Plan for Your Admin Training

These sessions are designed to teach the local admin how to support EHR. You will learn:
· How to add/delete users
· Update configurations and basic troubleshooting

Important: Setup files discussed in kickoff must be completed and returned prior to Admin Training.

Once you have submitted your set-up files, please plan to attend one of the following dates and times:
· Monday, June 4th @ 2 PM CT
· Wednesday, June 6th @ 11:30 AM CT
· Monday, June 11th @ 5:00 PM CT

Step 4: Looking Ahead at End User Training

There will be several opportunities to train your agency staff how to complete a patient care record.

End user training will include several onsite training opportunities, virtual training sessions held by video conference, and online training modules. Stay tuned for more information regarding the dates and times for your end user training options.

Important: Admin training must be complete prior to end user training.

Take a Look at Your Options! EHR Upgrades Are Available.

You have the option to increase your EHR functionalities and features! Click here to see the additional fees for the optional items offered.

If you are interested in adding optional items, please email Ryan MacZura at or dial 815-822-6500.