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Intro to ESO EHR

On-Demand Webinar for FIREHOUSE Customers

ESO Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the next generation of ePCR. EHR makes it easy to build quality clinical records and produce informative, actionable reports to improve your department’s performance. Now featuring integration with FIREHOUSE Software, crews can save time by entering EMS call data into one system but having it populate both.

Discover the benefits of EHR for FIREHOUSE Software users in “Intro to ESO EHR,” a one-hour on-demand webinar led by Sean McLeod and Matt Sprague. In the webinar,  you’ll learn about

  • Time savings with FIREHOUSE Software integration
  • Pre-built reports with EHR Analytics
  • NEMSIS 3 compliance
  • CAD, billing and fax integrations
  • Automated state data submissions

About Sean McLeod

Sean McLeod joined ESO in 2013 and helps hundreds of fire departments and EMS agencies use data to improve public health and safety. Prior to joining ESO, Sean worked as a paramedic and emergency room technician and served as a volunteer firefighter.

About Matt Sprague

Matt Sprague joined ESO via FIREHOUSE Software and serves as a leader on the customer support team. Prior to joining FIREHOUSE Software and ESO, Matt was a firefighter.

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